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Cold chain logistics

Cold chain logistics is the series of actions applied to maintain a low temperature from production to consumption. In this cold chain we are a suitable partner to take on storage and transportation of your cold product. Our specialised vehicles are fitted with temperature controlled units. This ensures that your cold product stays cold during shipping and we can store it on European soil in our cold storage facility.

Shipping to the Netherlands

It is time to put up a trustworthy relation with mainland European shipping companies. With our headquarters based in the logistics hotspot in the Netherlands, what better partner could you ask for. Whether you are looking to ship to the Netherlands, or a freight forwarding company in the Netherlands, we have a custom solution for you. Talking about customs, we got that sorted as well.

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Cold chain transport

Thanks to our specialisation in Cold/chilled/frozen food logistics, we are able to offer cold chain transport. This refers to the possibility of controlling the temperature from pick up to delivery. Even if you need to store your cold/chilled/frozen goods, we offer a cold storage. This ensures a maintained temperature, increasing shelf life of your products.

Frozen LTL

Our trailers are fitted with a movable bulkhead. This creates the possibility to divide the trailer in two parts, each with its own temperature. Thanks to this possibility, we can take on Frozen LTL loads. The loads are placed in the right temperature and kept at the best possible conditions.

Freight shipping to the Netherlands

If you are looking for road transport England to The Netherlands, then Boom is the partner you are looking for. Still not convinced? Get in touch. Call us or leave a message and we’ll get in touch!

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